Trail Report - Huron Peak - Colorado

August 8, 2019

Written by Paul van Valkenburgh

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Trail Report - Huron Peak - Colorado
Route: Ascend via Lulu Gulch, Descend via Standard Route
10.2 Miles Round Trip
3803 feet of elevation gain
Summit Elevation - 14,003'
Date Climbed: August 8, 2019
Climbers: Paul

Rugged North Face Of Huron Peak From Traverse From Browns

Huron Peak - Redemption! I successfully summited Colorado 14er Huron Peak on August 8, 2019 via the Lulu Gulch approach. In 2018 I had attempted this route and failed due to illness and a route finding error, so it felt great to go back and make it this time! This non-standard approach requires crossing over connecting 13er Browns Peak. I decided to take the standard route down to make it a loop instead of an out and back. What a day!!

The route into Lulu Gulch begins going up an old mining road from the ghost town of Winfield. Once into the gulch, you can take the long way up switchbacks on nearby Middle Mountain, or you can take the more direct route and just shoot for the ridge straight up to Browns Peak which towers above the Gulch. Either way you have to cross over Browns Peak to traverse to Huron. The direct route is technically a bushwhack but there is good footing up the side of the steep hill. (Note: You cannot see Huron Peak until you get to the ridge to Browns Peak).

In 2018, upon arriving at Lulu Gulch, I had mistaken Browns Peak for Huron Peak and went way left once into the upper part of the gulch towards Middle Mountain. When I made it to the ridge, I still had a very long way to get to Browns Peak and scary clouds rolled in. Adding to this I was dealing with an onset of asthma, I made the decision to turn back. This year, I went straight towards the ridge near the top of Browns... a MUCH better choice if going this route.

Arriving At Lulu Gulch

Mining Road Up Middle Mountain

Heading Up Ridge Left Of Browns In Lulu Gulch

Looking Back Into Lulu Gulch

LaPlata Peak And Sayres Benchmark From Lulu Gulch

Looking Back At Point 13462 From Near Browns Peak

First View Of Huron Peak From Ridge Near Browns

Once at the ridge, the summit of Browns was only a few steps away! In addition to being my first official 13er, the views from Browns were amazing! Looking north towards 14er LaPlata Peak was awesome as well as south towards Huron Peak. The clouds also created a very eerie feel to the adventure.

Views Of Sayres Benchmark LaPlata Peak From Browns Peak Summit

Looking West From The Summit Of Browns Peak

Huron And Creepy Clouds From Summit Of Browns Peak

Huron And Crazy Clouds From Summit Of Browns Peak

The Summit Of Browns Peak

The Summit of 13er Browns Peak on the way to Huron Peak via Lulu Gulch:

To get to Huron Peak from Browns Peak, you traverse below the connecting ridge on the right (west) hand side. While there really isn't much of an established trail, the rocks are mostly firm and you just continue until you connect to the standard trail on Huron, already near the summit. Once on the standard trail, a couple of hikers asked "were you the guy that was standing up on that" as they pointed to Browns Peak. I was so glad someone saw me!! ha ha ha!! I said "yes, indeed that was me" feeling really bad ass at that point!

Rugged North Face Of Huron Peak From Traverse From Browns

Looking Back At Browns Peak From Traverse To Huron Peak

The Summit Block Of Huron Peak

There had been clouds all morning although it was not supposed to rain until at least 3PM ... but my luck would be that right as I arrived at the summit of Huron, the summit became socked in with clouds. It was really creepy and was the first 14er where I've ever experienced a clouded-in summit!! But you can see my picks near the summit to prove I was there!! ha!! To add to the strangeness, there was a corporate outing that day on Huron so I shared the smallish summit with literally 30 other people!



Taking the standard trail down was great as I got to see the other basin to the west of Huron which was gorgeous. This also allowed me to see the 3 Apostles (Ice Mountain, North Apostle and West Apostle Peak) which I hadn't seen from the socked in summit! It was a long walk out as the Lulu Gulch trail begins at the standard 2WD trail head ... but the scenery on the way out was amazing!

Clouds Beginning To Cover Browns Peak

Looking West From Standard Route Down

Looking Down Into Upper Basin From Standard Route Down

Looking Back Up Huron Peak From Standard Route

Panoramic Of Browns Peak To Huron Peak

Beautiful Views Descending The Standard Trail On Huron Peak

Three Apostles From Standard Route Out On Huron Peak

One Last Look At Huron Peak On Way Out Standard Trail

Beautiful Views Descending The Standard Trail On Huron Peak

Hope this has been enjoyable and / or helpful to anyone reading it!!


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